Our river reclaimed Flooring

 These logs, left for dead over 100 years ago, have been re-discovered by Maine Heritage Timber in the icy waters of Northern Maine. The resurrection process is not easy but well worth it. We save these logs from an eternity of slumber underneath the Penobscot River.


In looking at other flooring products, we have discovered that others have tried to duplicate what we have attained naturally. No hand scraping or chain beaten patinas here!! Only what the cold water of Maine and time allows us to offer this one of a kind product. This natural progression, coupled with the powerful heritage of the historic logging drives gives us, is the superior flooring product in today’s market place...

We only make engineered floors… A full ¾ inch product with a ¼ wear layer hot glued onto a ½ inch Baltic birch substrate allows the owner the same amount of maintenance as a solid floor. We ship anywhere in the country and our floors come unfinished which give the buyer the choice of finish. A perfect product for new construction and renovations alike, we are sure you will agree when you touch it...

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